Analog vs. Digital The Pros and Cons, Which One is Better?

Analog or Digital? That is the question.

This topic is highly debatable between the world of audio. Some prefer digital audio enhancers, and other would say that having something physical just enhances the experiences.

Weather you are a digital or analog type of person we are gonna explore some of the pros and cons of both sides. After that then you be the deciding factor in which is better.



  • One of the best things about analog is since its live and sends off audio into whatever source you connect it to, is that their will be zero delay for it. 
  • While you are having a great listening session, and you just want to adjust something. With analog you can adjust it in real time.
  • You can play with it a little more, having something physical may have you feeling more satisfy with your decision. 


  • Most likely since it is a piece of hardware you might not be able to take it everywhere you would like to, its not that portable.
  • The more you have the more power it uses, so plugging up more and more can really take a toll on your energy bill.  
  • If learning new things isn’t your thing, then this isn’t for you with new analog hardware there is a little bit of a learning curb.



  • Sometimes we don’t want to have equipment taking up our space, so the convenience of having digital helps free up a lot of space.   
  • Most times things tend to change and what was once good years ago may not be “in” this years. Constant updates help keep everything running new.
  • Attention to detail, if you want a specific number you can just input it in.


  • Since it is digital you could run into the possibility of your computer crashing and losing all your data and erasing everything.
  • It’s translating everything digitally. It might take time to process everything, latency issues may occur.
  • The more digital plug-ins you have the more memory you will take, if you don’t have a lot of memory or even if you do and want to save it for other things then this might be a problem

What will you choose?

In conclusion one isn’t better than the other one, it comes down to personal preference.

If you had more pros on one than the other does than that would be your personal taste. So which on did you end up choosing?

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