How Much Are You Really Listening To? 3 Things That May Interrupt Quality Audio

What are some factors that can cause bad audio or even not hearing everything?

Well we all had that problem where we find our favorite song just to find out that it’s just not sounding right. Sometimes it may not be the music it’s self but the determining factor could just be one of these 3 things listed below.

So what are these factors well lets see: 

1. Age

As time progresses we tend to have hearing loss due to age, ever wonder why kids play that annoying mosquito sound when they’re around grown ups?

Since when you get older you tend to stop listening to higher frequencies.

Here are the ages and frequencies each age group can hear.

  • 12 kHz people under 50 can normally hear this
  • 15 kHz if your 40 and under you’ll be able to hear this
  • 16 kHz for the people 30 and under will be able to hear this
  • 18 kHz For young adults this starts to fade away around 24 and under 
  • 19 kHz This one happens quite young at 20 and under 

2. Headphones

Some may sound muffled depending on what you get, some drive the bass way to much losing in sound quality from the other sounds in the audio.

The cheaper ones tend to cut a lot of quality off. From experience most cheap brands don’t get it right.

  • In-Ear Headphone – These are mostly your, IPod type headphones these are portable and can go just about anywhere, but the cheaper ones tend to muffle out some of the quality you are listening to.  
  • Over The Ear Headphones – These go over your ear and tend to have more quality out of the two, these aren’t as portable as the in-ear ones, but have some great quality depending on the brand you get. 

3. Speakers

We don’t tend to think about this all that much as most of the speakers we have aren’t as great.

When your at home, sometimes we like to listen to our music or whatever audio out loud for our enjoyment. When you have those moment we might want to get something better than just computer speakers.

Here is something you might want to add for better quality:

  • Sub Woofer – Here we can get all the rich bass that the regular speakers might not be able to pick up, and that way you will have a deeper sound. 
  • Monitors – These depend on the different type of speakers that are out there some will enhance the vocal quality and also the higher frequencies that most default speakers might not have

Having these two working together then you’ll have a sound so rich, but the only downside is if you have neighbors it might bother their beauty sleep, so be mindful of that. 

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