The Difference Between Headphones

With so many to choose from…

…we can classify then into two groups. The in-ear headphones and over-the-ear headphones. We covered this topic before.

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This is more in depth, where we will look at each specific one.

In Ear:

  • You have your regular headphones that you stick in your ear, these are portable, yet they tend to have more bass or they may make the audio sound flat.  
  • When you get the ones that sit in your ear, then you start to lose some quality since the sound is escaping thru. It had nothing to close in the audio so you will have audio escape, which means loss of audio quality.
  • Now there are more higher end in ear headphones, now these are made with the listener in mind. With these headphones you will hear a lot of the audio loud and clear. If you are a big music lover I would suggest investing in some of these.


  • Let’s start off with the closed concept ones, now those are the ones you want if you are trying to relax, and just enjoy. They tend to block out the outside noise, all while delivering great quality.
  • The open back ones are still over-the-ear, but they have the back open to where you can hear what’s going on in the background. These are great when you are by yourself and still want some natural background noise to come thru.
  • With all over-the-ear headphones there are some that do deliver to much bass, or even make your audio sound muffled. These include the lower costing ones, even tho they are the cheaper of the three they aren’t to bad just some frequency differences. 


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